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  President Trump to Announce Supreme Court Nominee Next Week  CSPAN  January 24, 2017 6:50pm-6:58pm EST

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democrats will hold their retreat in early february. they will have their retreat a few weeks before trump delivers his first address before a joint session of congress on february twentieth. >> christina with the hill, you can follow her reporting at the also on twitter at ci marcos. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> a busy tuesday for president trump as he signed executive orders on advance in the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. and also the dakota access a pipeline. those projects were blocked by the obama administration over environmental concerns. president trump signed an order that would require the materials for the pipelines to be constructed in the us. although it is unclear how that measure will be enforced. here's a look at here's a look at the president signing those executive orders from earlier today. >> give him a little bit more room.
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>> tell us when you are ready folks. >> would give you more time the cameras are shaking yesterday. i want to give you more time. >> this is with regard to the construction of the keystone pipeline. something that has been in dispute and is subject to renegotiated terms by us. we are going to renegotiate some of the terms and if they would like will see if we can get there pipeline belts. a lot of jobs, 28000 jobs. great construction jobs.
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okay. keystone pipeline. this is the with respect to the construction of the dakota access pipeline. dakota access pipeline. again, subject to terms and conditions to be negotiated by us. okay.
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this is construction of pipelines in this country, we are, and i am very insistent that if we're going to build pipelines in the united states, the pipes should be made in the united states. so unless there is difficulty with that because companies are going to -- much pipeline is brought from other countries. from now on will start making pipeline in the united states. we build it in the united states, we build the pipelines, we want to build the pipe. it's going to put a lot of workers come a lot of skilled workers back to work. okay. we will build our own pipeline. we will build our own pipes. that's what it has to do with, like we with, like we use to in the old days.
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this is about streamlining the incredibly cumbersome long, powerful -- process and reducing regulatory burdens with domestic manufacturing. many of these people that we have been meeting with over the last long period of time, but yesterday another's, the process is so long and cumbersome that they give up before the end. sometimes it takes many, many, many years and we don't want that to happen. if it's a no will give them a quick know. if it's a a yes it's like, let's start building. regulatory process in this country has become a tangled up mess. very unfair to people. that's a big one.
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this is the expediting of environmental reviews and approvals for high priority infrastructure projects. we intend to fix our country, our bridges, our roadways. we cannot be in an environmental process for 15 years of abridges going to be falling don where the highway is crumbling. so we are expediting reviews and approvals. thank you very much.
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[inaudible] >> i'll be making my decision. this week will be announcing, next week we have outstanding candidates and will pick a chilly great supreme court justice. i will be announcing it sometime next week. >> also to the president trump and vice president pence met with senate leaders at the white house on the president's upcoming choice for supreme court justice and the confirmation process. was earlier this morning the president told the reporter he will announce his choice sometime next week. >> c-span's "washington journal"
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, live everyday with nasal policy issues that impact you. coming up on wednesday, he hannah northey will discuss the executive order signed by president trump to advance the keystone xl and dakota access pipeline. economist and author stephen moore will discuss president trumps a proposal to lower taxes, increased increase jobs and grow the economy. also the editor and publisher of at the nation. she'll address priorities in the government. be sure to watch washington's journal 57:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> senate democratic leader, chuck schumer today held the briefing on infrastructure spending, calling on president trump to follow through on his campaign promise to spend